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Pattern Size Position Load Index Speed Index Type
Ferro 90/100-10 Front & Rear 53 J TT
Ferro 90/100-10 Front & Rear 53 J TL
Pattern Ferro
Size 90/100-10
Position Rear
Load Index 53
Speed Index J
Type TL
Pattern Ferro
Size 90/100-10
Position Rear
Load Index 53
Speed Index J
Type TT

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The Mahindra Rodeo Tyres from Steelbird Tyres have been precisely developed under the observation of professionals. During riding, a rider’s safety and security are to be considered as the first thing. So, the Tyres from Steelbird Tyres give you various reasons to choose us:

  1. Wobble free ride throughout your journey
  2. Attractive grooves pattern that doesn’t let you slip
  3. The surety of your tyre’s durability and health

With usage, the tyres do get wear out easily. But the Steelbird Tyres have been specially designed to give you the tyres that have a high life of your tyres. Usually, other tyres get worn out easily by mere normal riding and no excessive driving. But, the Steelbird Tyres give you the confidence to go the extra mile without the fear of your tyres getting punctured or damaged. The rubber material of Mahindra Rodeo Tyre Size from Steelbird Tyres is such that you won’t get stuck in dangerous situations as a result of tyre blast or punctures.

The Mahindra Rodeo Tyre Size comes in different variants. So, you get what your two wheeler really needs.

The Mahindra Rodeo Tyre Size helps the rider by saving him from the moments of getting slipped or skidding. The tyres have been developed with the technology that binds together the rubber fiber together even in the harshest of the harsh conditions. This also helps you to carry extra weight on your bike and still not worry a little for the tyre’s health as the Rodeo Tyres from Steelbird Tyres are highly durable.

For motorcyclist, the most concerning condition is when they’re turning their vehicle on a gravel road. This is the road where they have a high chance of slipping or skidding on the road. And if they are carrying some extra weight or turning at a slightly fast speed, then they might slip really bad. The Steelbird Tyres for Mahindra Rodeo have a high grip on the road and won’t let you slip unlike other tyres.

The Ferro series of tyres for Steelbird Tyres provide you with the confidence to ride comfortably on:

  1. Urban roads
  2. Rural roads
  3. Broken roads
  4. Damaged roads
  5. Irregular roads
  6. Gravel roads
  7. Wet roads

The tyres help you keep a stable balance on different kinds of roads. With proper wheel alignment and optimum dimensions of the tyres as per the company’s recommendations, you get the comfortable ride throughout your journey. With trouble free handling on wet roads, the Mahindra Rodeo Tyre size ensures that you get a risk free ride to your location whenever you want.

To get your own Mahindra Rodeo tyre size from Steelbird Tyres’ Ferro series, visit your nearest Steelbird authorized dealers or vendors. Avail exclusive offers and discounts on your purchases from Steelbird Tyres dealers.

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