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Pattern Size Position Load Index Speed Index Type
Ferro 90/100-10 Front & Rear 53 J TT
Ferro 90/100-10 Front & Rear 53 J TL
Pattern Ferro
Size 90/100-10
Position Rear
Load Index 53
Speed Index J
Type TL
Pattern Ferro
Size 90/100-10
Position Rear
Load Index 53
Speed Index J
Type TT

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The Hero Maestro tubeless tyres developed by Steelbird Tyres give you the best performance on the road. While purchasing the tyres, an individual’s priority is the Tyre’s life and the safety measures it offers to us.

The Ferro series of tyres from Steelbird Tyres introduces Hero Maestro tyres. Ferro series of tyres are specially manufactured to give you an all-round performance on multiple road terrains. As a scooter’s tyres are small in size, so they probe a higher risk of getting slipped. Even at low speeds, the scooters might get slipped. This is why the Hero Maestro tubeless tyres from Steelbird Tyres are developed under a special tyre type – Ferro.

The tyres developed by Steelbird Tyres give you high confidence to ride anywhere you want with your Hero Maestro tyres. Hero Maestro tyre size from Steelbird Tyres have shown tremendous results on multiple terrains like:

  1. Gravel roads
  2. Broken roads
  3. Damaged roads
  4. Highways
  5. Rural roads
  6. Urban roads

The all season high performing tyres from Steelbird gives you the optimum performance on these type of roads. Get superior fuel efficiency on different types of roads without compromising the speed and safety of the rider.

Usually, the Hero Maestro tyre price in the market is high. But the quality of the Hero Maestro tyre is still very frugal. However, the Hero Maestro tubeless tyres from Steelbird Tyres are developed under one of the most advanced conditions. And understanding the need of the market right now, Steelbird Tyres has brought up the most cost-effective Maestro edge tyre price.

The Maestro tubeless tyre price is very low as compared to the features that you get from the tyres like:

  1. Easy installation process
  2. Less maintenance cost
  3. Heavy-duty rubber material
  4. Proper front and rear tyre alignment

The grooves in the Ferro series of tyres give you a tight grip on the road. A strategic groove channel on the tyres helps you at faster turns without getting slipped or skidding. Therefore, you gain confidence in corners. The Maestro Edge tyre price is one of the lowest while keeping the features offered at the highest.

The Hero Maestro tyre price and size have been developed in a way that is strong enough to carry a heavy load on it. As the durability of the tyre is directly proportional to the rider’s safety, the Hero Maestro Edge tyre size can withstand the troubles on your way.

You can check for the Maestro Edge tubeless tyre price, Maestro tubeless tyre price, Maestro scooty tyre price and Maestro tyre price from your nearest Steelbird Tyre dealer.

To get the best Maestro scooty tyre price in the market, visit your nearest Steelbird Tyres dealer and avail exclusive discounts on every purchase.

The Hero Pleasure tubeless tyre manufactured by Steelbird Tyres has been well-formed to give you the desired performance you’ve been looking for. Everyone looks for a well balanced, smooth and safe ride when they’re buying new tyres for their vehicle. But, in order to actually get that performance, you need to have that particular kind of tyres that can deliver such a performance.

The Hero pleasure tyre manufactured by Steelbird Tyres gives you outstanding performance on multiple terrains. When it comes to roads and terrains like:

  1. Gravel roads
  2. Slippery roads
  3. Highways
  4. Broken roads
  5. Damaged roads
  6. Muddy roads
  7. Sloppy roads

The Steelbird tyres never fail to impress you by giving a powerful and smooth performance on such road types. In order to achieve high fuel efficiency with a buttery smooth ride, you need to have the tyres with a strong cushion and well-maintained grooves. The Steelbird Tyres’ for Pleasure scooty tyre price give you an all-round performance with features such as:

  1. Strong grip on the road
  2. Easy installation process
  3. Durable rubber material
  4. Less maintenance charge
  5. Broad shoulder size to provide balance and stability

The Hero Pleasure tyre price justifies all the features that it offers to you. It offers a wide range of key features that help you ease up the load while riding. After investing hours of hard work in the laboratories to form the perfect rubber material that can withstand heavy load at fast speed, we have manufactured the exact Hero Pleasure tyre that you have been looking for. Now, without worrying about the hero Pleasure tyre price, you can get the best Hero Pleasure tubeless tyre that stays long and works even longer.

As the rider’s main priority while purchasing tyres is the life of tyre and the safety that it offers, Steelbird Tyres have developed the right rubber material. With the latest rubber binding technology makes your Hero Pleasure tyres show a smooth performance on irregular or damaged roads. Along with this, you also get the tyres that are hard to pierce through. Now, you no longer have to get conscious or doubtful when you’re riding on such roads where pointed objects may be present.

Now ensure a risk-free and safe ride to your home with the tyres manufactured by Steelbird for your Hero Pleasure. Enjoy superb grip at fast speed or low speed and ensure your safety with strong and durable tyres from Steelbird.

To get the Hero Pleasure tyres for your scooty, visit your nearest Steelbird Tyres vendor or distributor and avail exclusive discounts on every purchase.

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