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Pattern Size Position Load Index Speed Index Type
Infinity 2.75-18 Rear 50 P TT
Infinity 3.00-18 Rear 52 P TT
Infinity 3.00-17 Rear 50 P TT
Infinity 2.75-18 Rear 50 P TL
Infinity 3.00-18 Rear 52 P TL
Infinity 3.00-17 Rear 50 P TL
Pattern Infinity
Size 2.75-18
Position Rear
Load Index 50
Speed Index P
Type TT
Pattern Infinity
Size 3.00-18
Position Rear
Load Index 50
Speed Index P
Type TT
Pattern Infinity
Size 3.00-17
Position Rear
Load Index 50
Speed Index P
Type TT

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Along with Passion XPro tubeless tyre, one can find Passion Pro Tubeless tyre. With higher customer presence using Hero model bikes, Steelbird ensured that all Passion Pro Tyre Size variants are also made available to its customers without any befuddlement.

Steelbird Tyres presents its most recent model of Infinity Passion Pro Bike Tyre. Thinking about the fuel efficiency, Passion Pro Rear Tyre Size has been produced to address every one of the issues. Thinking about the contours and nature of tyres, Passion Pro Tubeless tyres are the best to discover in the market today.

With very little complex notch designs, Passion Pro Tyre Size guarantees that the client can have a quick and agreeable ride with better fuel efficiency and comfort.  

The Passion Pro Tyre Size is made perfectly well to roar high on roads like:

  1. Gravel roads
  2. Wet roads
  3. Muddy roads

So, you can get your own Passion Pro Tubeless Tyres at your nearest Steelbird Tyres Distributor and Dealers.

The Hero Achiever tyre size manufactured by Steelbird Tyres gives you the confidence to tread anywhere you want to. With the advanced rubber material used in making the tyres, we have come up with the strongest version of the tyres for Hero Achiever. The Achiever bike tyre size from Steelbird is optimum.

The high-quality Hero Achiever rear tyre size makes it easier for the bike to go uphill on higher altitudes while maintaining a tight grip on the road. The grooves on the Infinity series of tyres make it easier for the rider to achieve a high-speed balance with ease.

With the Hero Achiever Tyre Size you get various benefits like:

  1. Balanced high speed performance
  2. Broader shoulders
  3. Easy installation process
  4. Hard rubber material

With the Hero Achiever rear tyre size, you get the alignment of the right tyres that helps you keep away from the wobble riding experience. Experience the ultimate riding from Steelbird Tyres of Orbit series. To get your hands on the latest Hero Achiever tyre size, visit your nearest Steelbird Tyres dealer

The Hero Glamour F1 Tubeless Tyres manufactured and developed by Steelbird tyres are of superior quality. Providing ultimate grip on the road and perfect balancing at high speeds, The Hero Glamour F1 tyres from the house of Steelbird Tyres are the ones you must opt for.

It is important for Hero Glamour F1 Tubeless Tyres are expected to control your bike efficiently. So, make sure that you are getting the Steelbird Tyres for your Hero glamour F1 only. 

Ensure superior grip, longer life, puncture free ride and lots more with Steelbird Tyres’ Hero Glamour F1 Tubeless Tyres.

Steelbird Tyres’ Passion Pro Tyre Size certifies smooth ride to the riders on speed breakers, sloppy and muddy roads. The exhibition of the tyres relies upon the riding knowledge and Steelbird ensures that Passion Pro Rear Tyre Size is flexible and each tyre gives best performance to its customers. With better arrangement on grooves, water is removed successfully and slip is decreased which the Passion Pro Tubeless Tyre offer. Therefore better control while driving fast or riding on wet roads with reasonable loads is being achieved. An enduring ride through speed breaker and shake surface is highly ensured.

The Hero passion Pro Tyre Type from Steelbird Tyres is INFINITY. The Infinity series of Passion Pro Bike Tyre is best on:

  1. Concrete roads
  2. Slippery roads
  3. Muddy roads
  4. Gravel roads

The Hero Passion Pro Tyre Size is well built as per the norms and recommendations by the company. Get the perfect Hero Passion Pro Rear Tyre Size from your nearest Steelbird authorized Dealer today.

Along with other Steelbird Tyres in our inventory, you can also buy Hero Honda CD 100 Tyre size that your bike needs. With the Steelbird Tyres, you get the perfect fitting on your Rims or Alloy wheels. We provide typical grooves on Hero CD 100 Tyres that help you get:

  1. Best control of your bike
  2. Emergency braking support
  3. Smooth riding on jerks on road

Get your own Steelbird Tyres for Hero Honda CD 100 tyre size as recommended by the company. Easy installation process and proper alignment of your tyres are ensured with Steelbird Tyres.

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