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Pattern Size Position Load Index Speed Index Type
Infinity 2.75-18 Rear 50 P TT
Infinity 3.00-18 Rear 52 P TT
Infinity 3.00-17 Rear 50 P TT
Infinity 2.75-18 Rear 50 P TL
Infinity 3.00-18 Rear 52 P TL
Infinity 3.00-17 Rear 50 P TL
Pattern Infinity
Size 2.75-18
Position Rear
Load Index 50
Speed Index P
Type TT
Pattern Infinity
Size 3.00-18
Position Rear
Load Index 50
Speed Index P
Type TT
Pattern Infinity
Size 3.00-17
Position Rear
Load Index 50
Speed Index P
Type TT

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With Infinity versions from Steelbird, a well-balanced criss-cross combination of grooves, ribs, sips, and treads provide a rich and enhanced driving experience. Steelbird ensured that the manufacturing of all required Yamaha Crux tyre size is available.

With enhanced contours of grooves and ribs over the entire tread area, all the manufactured Yamaha Crux tyre size wheels are capable of giving rich and comfortable experience to the riders. With a focus on reducing less rolling resistance, INFINITY tyres are successful in reducing commotion or noise being produced while riding through the most uneven surfaces. 

Steelbird Tyres are well known in having a good camaraderie with customers and ensures that the tyres produced by the Infinity series for Crux is of the best quality. 

Yamaha crux alloy wheel is another product to fillip customers’ attraction towards Steelbird’s unique and enhanced design for the customers. Yamaha crux alloy wheel indubitably creates a feel-good demeanor for customers. Major advantage of Yamaha crux alloy wheel are:

  1. Easy replacement.
  2. No necessity for adjustments or changes to fix blends in the present ones.
  3. Reusable in left stock tyres.
  4. Distinctive design to enhance the feel and experience of tyres.

Steelbird always ensures that Yamaha crux rear tyre size is versatile and generate all tyres of all sizes ever required to meet customer needs. They ensure that the customer won’t have and befuddlement regarding any Yamaha crux tyre size. Every tyre is being manufactured with the focus of providing a smooth and secure ride for the crux riders. A customer can indubitably ensure that the tyres produced by Steelbird Tyres will provide remarkable performance on the streets.

With all the necessities being provided, Steelbird INFINITY produces all Yamaha crux rear tyre size you will ever require. Get your tyres and have the best experience. Also, find your unique Yamaha crux alloy wheel from your nearest vendor.

Visit your nearest distributor to get clear your specific thoughts on each Yamaha crux rear tyre size for your requirement and other related queries.

The Yamaha RX 100 tyre size is such that it can fit almost any bike. But, we have manufactured, the original sized Yamaha RX 100 tyre that fits the bike well. Without the fear of your bike getting imbalanced, you can stay worry-free for the choice of your Yamaha RX 100 tyre size. The Infinity series tyres from Steelbird also manufactures the perfect Yamaha RX 100 alloy wheel that delivers you unmatched performance.

The Steelbird manufactured Yamaha RX 100 tyre size is perfectly fit for the vehicle. The rider feels the utmost comfort while riding on city roads, off-roads, gravel roads, slippery wet roads and more.

During the monsoon, as the Yamaha RX 135 tyre size is wide, the person has more grip on the road and increased balance. As there are turmoil and jerks on the road, you won’t lose your control during high, medium or low speed.

The Yamaha RX 100 tyres are designed in such a way that they can be easily fitted on by anyone. The Yamaha 135 tyres are specially designed only for the Yamaha RX series. So, you don’t have to worry about your vehicle getting tyres made for some other vehicle. The RX 100 Alloy wheel is made from the best rubber material present by leveraging the technology. Before actually making the Yamaha RX 100 tyre size widely available in the main market, we have tested the tyres under harsh conditions to see if they are fit for Indian roads or not.

The Yamaha RX 100tyre size is made under the surveillance of a highly qualified team that made sure that you get the right tyre that is:

  1. Easy to install on your bike
  2. High comfort on uneasy roads
  3. Improved fuel consumption
  4. High-speed stability
  5. Emergency braking

With all these points being undertaken while manufacturing Yamaha RX 100 Alloy wheel tyres, we have come up with the best Yamaha RX 100 tyre size that will last longer, be more durable and give you the best response while driving. You will experience such a smooth ride that you would feel less tired while riding on longer routes. 

In order to experience the best riding experience, use original Steelbird Yamaha RX 100 tyre. You can purchase the tyres from your nearest Steelbird Dealership or store. Steelbird Tyres are widely known in the industry for providing quality Yamaha RX 135 tyres that don’t wear fast. Now, you can go miles ahead with Steelbird high-performance Yamaha RX 135 Rear Tyre Size.

Steelbird Yamaha RX 135 tyres run perfectly fine on concrete roads where most of the tyres get deflated. Even on such surfaces – be it high temperature or low temperature – your Steelbird tyres won’t face any issue and you can continue to go the extra mile without any issues. With such grooves pattern on Steelbird Infinity tyres, you would notice fewer chances of your tyres getting punctured. Even small rock pieces and gravel would not be a problem if you are riding on such roads. The gravelly particles would get stuck in the grooves and as the bike moves forward, the particles would easily come out on their own and you won’t have to make efforts to pick them out.

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