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Pattern Size Position Load Index Speed Index Type
Orbit 2.75-18 Front 44 P TT
Orbit 2.75-17 Front 44 P TT
Pattern Orbit
Size 2.75-18
Position Front
Load Index 44
Speed Index P
Type TT
Pattern Orbit
Size 2.75-17
Position Front
Load Index 44
Speed Index P
Type TT

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The LML Freedom Prima 110 is a fuel-efficient and powerful two-wheeler that gives unmatched performance and fuel efficiency on the road. The LML Adreno FX is an all-rounder two-wheeler that provides high-class performance on different types for roads like:

  • Gravel roads
  • Wet roads
  • Broken roads
  • Damaged roads
  • Sloppy roads

These are some of the roads on which the LML Adreno FX tyres are tested well. The LML Freedom tyre type is an all-weather tyre that gives you high-class performance on all types of roads. Irrespective of the weather, the Orbit series of tyres for LML Freedom give you a smooth ride on different types of roads as mentioned above. The LML Energy tyre size is small like we all know. And the tyre size is also similar to other two-wheeler scooters in the market.

The LML Graptor Tubeless Tyre gives various benefits to the rider like:

  • Higher fuel efficiency
  • Maintained balance at different speeds
  • Easy installation on original rims
  • Less maintenance cost
  • Less wearing of tyres on damaged roads

The Steelbird Tyres for LML Freedom 110 have been developed to form the optimum size of tyres that last long. To provide a turmoil free riding experience on LML Freedom DX, Steelbird Tyres have been developed after heavy experiments and testing in labs and on the roads. The Steelbird developers have invested in hours of hard work to form the perfect rubber material that fits your LML Beamer tyre size easily.

The LML Freedom Prima 125 Bike Tyres developed by Steelbird Tyres are compliant with the standard industry norms. As per the recommended dimensions for the LML Freedom Prima 110 Tyre by Steelbird Tyres has developed the optimum size of tyres that give you:

  • Ultimate control on slippery roads
  • Higher fuel efficiency
  • High performance at different speeds

With all these features intact, the LML Freedom 110 tyres have been completely provided with all these basic features you need in your tyres. To get LML Freedom 110 tyre size, visit your nearest Steelbird Tyres authorized dealer and avail exclusive discounts on every purchase.

With such a perfectly balanced design, when inflated, the tubeless tyre for LML Freedom 110 gives you high fuel efficiency. You can get LML Graptor tyre size for both front and rear tyres from your nearest Steelbird Tyres dealership and stores. The LML Freedom tyre size developed by Steelbird Tyres help you with easy installation process, low wearing chances and highly durable tyre performance on road. 

LML Beamer Tyre Size manufactured by Steelbird Tyres provide you with various amenities like:

  • Easy installation on your present rims
  • Difficult to puncture with pointed objects

The LML Freedom 110 is a sporty two wheeler of a different kind. The LML Freedom 110 tyres need to have a high grip on the road so that it does not slip easily. The bike is manufactured to help the rider take sharp turns easily. So the LML Adreno FX Tyre developed in the Steelbird Tyres labs helps you with that.

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