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Pattern Size Position Load Index Speed Index Type
Revolve 2.75-17 Front 43 P TT
Revolve 2.75-18 Front 43 P TT
Revolve 2.75-17 Front 43 P TL
Revolve 2.75-18 Front 43 P TL
Pattern Revolve
Size 2.75-17
Position Front
Load Index 43
Speed Index P
Type TT
Pattern Revolve
Size 2.75-18
Position Front
Load Index 43
Speed Index P
Type TT

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The Yamaha SZR Bike Tyres are not easy to find. The bike has been discontinued by the company. Ever since then, it has been difficult to find its accessories and Yamaha SZ R tyre in the market. But, Steelbird Tyres have manufactured Yamaha SZ R Tyre size that perfectly fits the bike rim.

The Steelbird manufactured Yamaha SZ R Tubeless tyres work like a charm. The tyres comply with all the dimension policies as set by the company. And you get the right Yamaha SZ R tyre that gives you the right balance and control on high speed.

The revolve series tubeless tyre for Yamaha SZ R gives you an unmatched performance so that you don’t slip on:

  1. Wet roads
  2. Gravel roads
  3. Bumpy roads

The tyres are made for any kind of road. As the name suggests, the Revolve series of tyres are made to revolve. And under all circumstances, they will revolve. Steelbird has manufactured the best Yamaha SZ R Front Tyre Size that holds durable performance on high pressure and fast speed. 

The Yamaha SZ tyre size are perfectly made to fit your Yamaha SZ. As there has been a high demand for the tubeless tyre for Yamaha SZ R, Steelbird Tyres have manufactured the same. Steelbird Yamaha SZR Bike Tyres are now available in stores near you! Steelbird has developed world-class technology in manufacturing the tyres that give you high performance. Efficiency has been given the utmost priority while developing these Yamaha SZ R Tyre size of different models. The Yamaha SZ tyre size is made of optimum dimensions that provide you with the best in class performance and save up a lot on your fuel expenses.

Revolve series of tyres from Steelbird Tyres give you high-class performance as they have various features like:

  1. Balance maintenance
  2. Easy installation
  3. Heavy grip on the road

Now, you can get your hands on Steelbird Tyres for Yamaha SZ R tyre size that you want without wandering in the market. You can get high efficient Steelbird Tyres of Revolve category at your nearest Steelbird Tyres Dealer near you. Do not think of getting alternate tyres or duplicate tyres on your bike as they can not match the performance delivered by Steelbird Tyres. The quality that comes after multiple tests on our tyres can not be found on other Yamaha SZ R tubeless tyres. 

Each Yamaha SZ R Tyre size is being developed after rigorous tests in labs and on different roads and conditions. Get going on every road and turn with high-class Yamaha SZ R tyres that have high control. From the house Steelbird tyres, you get rough grooved and rigid rubber tyres which have superior control and ultimate grip.

Each Yamaha SZ R Tyre Size is manufactured by ensuring various tests in labs and on real roads so that you get the best tyres that you need. The tyres are ever ready to go on long trips no matter when you want to. Multi-level tests are implemented on tyres to ensure users are safe while riding their bikes at different speeds. As these tyres directly come from Steelbird, you don’t have to worry about the Tyres being duplicate. To get your own tubeless tyres for Yamaha SZ R, visit your nearest Steelbird Store or Dealership and avail exclusive offers on tyres.

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