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Pattern Size Position Load Index Speed Index Type
Voyager 90/90-12 Front & Rear 54 J TT
Voyager 90/90-12 Front & Rear 54 J TL
Pattern Voyager
Size 90/90-12
Position Rear
Load Index 54
Speed Index J
Type TL
Pattern Voyager
Size 90/90-12
Position Rear
Load Index 54
Speed Index J
Type TT

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The Voyager series Yamaha Fascino Tyres are manufactured for rough and tough roads. We understand that sometimes, you have to take those roads less traveled by. And those are the real roads where your tyres are actually tested. Now, for such situations, Yamaha Fascino tubeless tyres are made by Steelbird Tyres.

The Steelbird manufactured Yamaha Fascino tyre size is such that you won’t face problems on rough roads. They are durable, can withstand heavy weight even on rough roads and helps you push extra without extra efforts.

Now you can carry extra weight on your bike and still won’t be imbalanced. Along with this, the Yamaha Fascino tubeless tyre is wide in dimensions. And there’s nothing like you have just one tyre (unlike other tyres). The Yamaha Fascino tubeless tyres are designed to be fit into both front and back tyres.

The Yamaha Fascino Tyre can withstand various types of roads like:

  1. Wet Roads
  2. Gravel Roads
  3. Muddy Roads
  4. Concrete Roads

So, you don’t need to worry about your tyres not supporting you at different terrains. The Yamaha Fascino tyre size is so efficiently made that it can absolutely take care of any harsh situations like anything.

Also, the Yamaha Fascino Tyre type is easy to install in your scooter. You don’t have to ask any mechanic to do that. Even if you are at a secluded place, you can easily install the Yamaha Fascino tubeless tyre with the help of simple tools.

The Fascino tyres are designed in such a way that they can be easily fitted on by anyone. The Yamaha Fascino tyres are specially designed only for Yamaha Fascino. So, you don’t have to worry about your vehicle getting tyres made for some other vehicle.

Once you use Yamaha Fascino tubeless tyres, you will feel boosted confidence in your riding. You experience better braking. In cities or streets, you can expect to apply the brake at any point. Due to so many obstacles on the road, you might need to apply brakes anytime. And if the tyres do not support you by stopping where you need them to, then you might end up in trouble. But, Steelbird tyres help you by stopping wherever you want them to without the fear of slipping on the road. As the tyres of scooters are small, they are highly prone to slipping on roads. So Steelbird solves your problem by providing you tyres that don’t go out of control during braking and at high speeds.

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