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Pattern Size Position Load Index Speed Index Type
Orbit 2.75-18 Front 44 P TT
Orbit 2.75-17 Front 44 P TT
Pattern Orbit
Size 2.75-18
Position Front
Load Index 44
Speed Index P
Type TT
Pattern Orbit
Size 2.75-17
Position Front
Load Index 44
Speed Index P
Type TT

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Steelbird ORBIT is yet another tyre focused on achieving fuel-efficient tyres developed by Steelbird. Some of the products released by Steelbird under ORBIT model are;

  1. Yamaha Libero (G5) tyres
  2. YBR 110 tyres
  3. Yamaha ybr 125 tyres.
  4. Yamaha Gladiator tyres
  5. Yamaha Gladiator tubeless tyres
  6. Yamaha Gladiator alloy wheels
  7. SS 125 tyres
  8. Yamaha enticer tyre
  9. Albatyres
  10. G5 tyres

With the ORBIT version being focused on providing fuel-efficient rides, one can find all Yamaha Libero G5 tyre size variants.

Along with Libero G5, one can find Yamaha YBR tyres. With higher customer presence using Yamaha model bikes, Steelbird ensured that all Yamaha YBR tyre size variants are also made available to its customers without any befuddlement.

Steelbird Tyres presents its most recent model of ORBIT Yamaha YBR 125 tyres. Thinking about fuel efficiency, YBR 125 tyre size has been produced to address every one of the issues. Thinking about the contours and nature of tyres, Yamaha YBR-125 wide tyres are the best to discover in the market today.

With very little complex notch designs, Yamaha YBR-125 tyres guarantee that the client can have a quick and agreeable ride with better fuel efficiency and comfort.  

Independent of Yamaha ybr 125 tyre size, the nature of all tyres is being tried to meet customer requirements. The tracks in the tyres that are being produced are very much adjusted and it’s one of the primary leads in the advancement of Yamaha ybr 125 tyres to accomplish long-lasting features. Less rolling resistance is the primary feature that guarantees less fuel utilization. ORBIT YBR-125 tyres give the client an agreeable and cover rides up speed breakers and rock surface without trading off the fuel efficiency. Yamaha YBR 125 tyres are being produced thinking about the adaptability of tyre size. You won’t need to keep any uncertainty on getting the required tyre size as Steelbird makes all the required tyre size you ever need. Yamaha YBR 123 tyre sizes are adaptable and Steelbird guarantees that it is accessible to meet the client’s prerequisites. To make the most of your best rides yourself, you need to guarantee that the best tyres are there on your YBR. With an adaptable scope of Yamaha ybr 123 tyre size, you can put any modified edge on your tyres to upgrade the vibe and look of your tyres without falling into much hardship. Get your YBR-125 tyre from your closest seller.  

Tubeless tyres for Yamaha Gladiator are one of the new Steelbird association products developed with the focus to improve the fast driving experience with fuel efficiency. Yamaha Gladiator alloy wheels produced by Steelbird have a beautiful design that can really fillip the customer flow. Major features of ORBIT alloy wheels are:

  1. Easy replacement.
  2. No necessity for adjustments or changes to fix blends in the present ones.
  3. Reusable in left stock tyres.
  4. Attractive and unique design to enhance the feel and experience of tyres. 

With Steelbird Yamaha Gladiator tyre-front, you get streamlined execution on:   

  1. Wet surfaces   
  2. Rock avenues  
  3. Tricky roads
  4. Sloppy avenues
  5. Speed breakers

It’s always proposed to put affirmed tyres which will ensure both safe ride and comfort. Yamaha Gladiator tyre size is the best you will find in the market. Steelbird ORBIT version tyres for Yamaha are manufactured with the aim of making Yamaha Enticer back tyre size flexible to meet all the requirements of the customer. Being genuinely extraordinary in the market, Steelbird latest Yamaha enticer tyres are available with versatile size.

Yamaha ENTICER tyre certifies smooth ride to the riders on speed breakers, sloppy and muddy roads. The exhibition of the tyres relies upon the riding knowledge and Steelbird ensures that Yamaha enticer back tyre size is flexible and each tyre gives best performance to its customers. With better arrangement on grooves, water is removed successfully and slip is decreased which a  Yamaha enticer tyre in ORBIT model offers. Therefore better control while driving fast or riding on wet roads with reasonable loads is being achieved. An enduring ride through speed breaker and shake surface is highly ensured.

Steelbird creators ensure that Yamaha enticer back tyre size is versatile and produces optimal and different size to facilitate your need. You will never be baffled to understand that there is no Yamaha enticer back wheel size which you can’t find. Each tyre that is being delivered is ensured for its smooth ride and execution. Steelbird ORBIT produces all Yamaha enticer back wheel size you will ever require. To experience the best, get your Yamaha enticer tyres from your nearest vendor. Visit your nearest distributor to get clear your specific thoughts on each Yamaha ENTICER back wheel size that is available and other related products of Alba, SS 125, and G5 tyres.

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