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Pattern Size Position Load Index Speed Index Type
Orbit 2.75-18 Front 44 P TT
Orbit 2.75-17 Front 44 P TT
Pattern Orbit
Size 2.75-18
Position Front
Load Index 44
Speed Index P
Type TT
Pattern Orbit
Size 2.75-17
Position Front
Load Index 44
Speed Index P
Type TT

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The Yamaha SZR Bike Tyres developed by Steelbird Tyres are compliant with the standard industry norms. As per the recommended dimensions for the Yamaha SZ R Tyre by Yamaha, Steelbird Tyres has developed the optimum size of tyres that give you:

  1. Superior control on slippery roads
  2. Better fuel efficiency
  3. High performance on different speeds
  4. Less wearing of tyres 

These are the features that you will experience while riding your bike. And these are one of the most important factors that people consider while purchasing a tyre for their bike. The Yamaha SZ R tyre size from Steelbird Tyres has been highly developed and transformed to give you all these features without compromising on the price in the market.

The Yamaha SZ Tyre size from Steelbird Tyres gives you comfortable and smooth ride on different types of roads such as:

  1. Irregular roads
  2. Broken roads
  3. Damaged roads
  4. Rural roads
  5. Muddy roads
  6. Highways
  7. Gravel roads

To improve the quality of ride, the company has invested in a lot of time to develop high-quality rubber that can withstand perfectly in different extreme conditions. As the Yamaha SZ R Tyre is expected to perform flawlessly on multiple terrains. The bike might also encounter roads where pointed objects could be lying. So, the Yamaha SZ Tyre Size has been well developed which can perfectly handle pointed objects on the road.

As Steelbird Tyres also manufacture Yamaha SZ R tubeless tyres which have a higher resistance to pointed objects. This means that the tyres won’t be easy to pierce through. The thick rubber layer ensures that it can dodge as many pointed objects as possible. This means that you can ride worry-free on gravel roads or on the sides of the roads without worrying about the pointed objects lying over there.

The tubeless tyre for Yamaha SZ R ensures that the rider’s safety is on top and is never compromised. Yamaha SZ R Tyres ensure a high grip on roads along with high weight carrying capacity. The tyres from Steelbird don’t give you the risk of getting deflated when you carry extra weight on your bike. Along with this, you get a slip-free experience while turning your bike with extra weight on your bike.

With all these features intact, the Yamaha SZ R tyres have been completely provided with all these basic features you need in your tyres. To get Yamaha SZ tyre size, visit your nearest Steelbird Tyres authorized dealer and avail exclusive discounts on every purchase.

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