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Pattern Size Position Load Index Speed Index Type
Orbit 2.75-18 Front 44 P TT
Orbit 2.75-17 Front 44 P TT
Pattern Orbit
Size 2.75-18
Position Front
Load Index 44
Speed Index P
Type TT
Pattern Orbit
Size 2.75-17
Position Front
Load Index 44
Speed Index P
Type TT

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The Suzuki GS150R Tyre Size from Steelbird Tyres has been developed after rigorous testing and developments in labs. The rubber material used in the development of tyres must be so that they withstand extreme conditions without making you feel uncomfortable. The Suzuki GS150 tyre size from Steelbird Tyres has been highly optimized to fit your Suzuki GS150R rear tyre size rims and alloy wheels.

The Suzuki GS150R Tubeless Tyres from Steelbird Tyres give you various benefits like:

  1. Easy installation process
  2. Less maintenance cost
  3. Less chances of wearing of tyre
  4. High durability
  5. High load retention power
  6. Smooth feeling on irregular roads

The company has invested a lot of time in its R&D to come up with a product that doesn’t stop you on uneasy roads. The Suzuki GS150R Tyres have shown tremendous results on:

  1. Damaged roads
  2. Broken roads
  3. Highways
  4. Muddy roads
  5. Gravel roads

Gain more confidence while going on extreme road conditions. The Orbit series of tyres from Steelbird Tyres have shown a great result on the road by giving you that extra push. With Suzuki GS150R tubeless tyres, you get slip-free emergency braking, fast turning benefits.

It is always recommended to use genuine auto components for your Suzuki GS150R tyres, for example, chain, Steelbird roller cam Chain tensioner, etc. With original products for your Suzuki GS150R rear tyre size, you increase the life of your tyres. To get your own Suzuki GS150R tyres, visit your nearest Steelbird Tyres.

Introducing the Suzuki Slingshot tyre size by Steelbird Tyres in the Orbit Series of tyres. With the Orbit series of tyres focusing on providing comfort to the mid-range series of bikes, Steelbird gives a lot of benefits to the riders:

  1. High weight carrying capacity
  2. Soft cushion feeling on broken roads
  3. Less maintenance cost
  4. High resistance to pointed objects
  5. Easy installation process

Along with these benefits, a rider’s main priority while purchasing a new tyre for their bike is safety. So, the Suzuki Slingshot tyre size manufactured by Steelbird Tyres gives you the utmost safety. The tyres manufactured and developed by Steelbird Tyres comply with the Industry standards while manufacturing the tyres. The company invests hours of time while developing the tyres so that you get uncompromised quality on every ride.

Introducing the Orbit series of tyres for Suzuki Zeus 125 bike. Suzuki Zeus 125 tyre size is not originally manufactured by most of the manufacturers in the market. This is one of the major reasons why there is a high chance of you getting a duplicate of some other bike’s tyre for your Suzuki Zeus 125. But, Steelbird Tyres have manufactured the perfect Suzuki Zeus 125 tyre size that is made only for your Suzuki Zeus 125.

The Suzuki Zeus 125 Tyre size from Steelbird Tyres gives you various benefits on road like:

  1. Fast braking without slipping
  2. The strong and durable rubber material that’s hard to pierce through
  3. Fast turning without slipping

The Suzuki Zeus 125 tyre size has one more benefit that is an easy installation process. As the tyre for Suzuki Zeus 125 is made exactly for the same bike so you get unmatched performance on different types of roads like:

  1. Urban roads
  2. Rural roads
  3. Broken roads
  4. Gravel roads
  5. Wet roads

To get your own Suzuki Zeus 125 Tyres, visit your nearest Steelbird Tyres dealer and avail exclusive offers on every purchase.

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