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Pattern Size Position Load Index Speed Index Type
Ranger 100/90-17 Rear 55 P TT
Ranger 100/90-17 Rear 55 P TL
Pattern Ranger
Size 100/90-17
Position Rear
Load Index 55
Speed Index P
Type TT
Pattern Ranger
Size 3.00-17
Position Rear
Load Index 50
Speed Index P
Type TT

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The Yamaha SZR Bike Tyres are hard to find. As the bike has been discontinued by the company, it has been difficult to find accessories and Yamaha SZ R tyre in the market. But, Steelbird Tyres have manufactured Yamaha SZ R Tyre size that perfectly fits the bike rim. You don’t have to purchase the tyres of any other brand or bike and fit it on yours. As there has been a high demand for the tubeless tyre for Yamaha SZ R, Steelbird Tyres have manufactured the same. With the best quality rubber material used in making the tyres, Steelbird Yamaha SZR Bike Tyres are now available in stores near you!

The Yamaha SZ R Tyre Size is made of the same dimensions as the company’s given dimensions. The Steelbird manufactured tubeless tyre for Yamaha SZ R perfectly fits on the bike’s rims. Now you don’t have to worry about the availability in the market. Just visit your nearest Steelbird Tyres Distributor or any store near you and you’ll get your tyres at the best deals.

The Yamaha SZ R Tire size helps you ride perfectly on different types of roads like:

  1. Slippery roads
  2. Rough roads

Along with this, the Yamaha SZ R tubeless tyres help you with superb control and balance in city roads. At times, you might have to apply hard brakes while riding. This is where Steelbird has taken a lot of care while making these tyres. Your grip is in your hands. The tyres would help you stay safe throughout your journey on the road.

The Yamaha SZ R tyre size defines perfection. Tubeless tyres for Yamaha SZ R provide you unmatched comfort while riding.  With an aim to provide you with the all-season tyres that are ready to battle tough situations and multiple terrains. Suitable for different purposes, Steelbird tyres for Yamaha SZR have perfect wheel alignment. Even during the roughest driving, Steelbird Yamaha SZ R tyres give you a comfortable, safe and balanced riding experience that you really need.

Each Yamaha SZ R Tyre Size is manufactured by ensuring various tests in labs and on real roads so that you get the best tyres that you need. The tyres are ever ready to go on long trips no matter when you want to. Multi-level tests are implemented on tyres to ensure users are safe while riding their bikes at different speeds. As these tyres come directly from Steelbird, you don’t have to worry about the Tyres being duplicate. To get your own tubeless tyres for Yamaha SZ R, visit your nearest Steelbird Store or Dealership and avail exclusive offers on tyres. The tyres provide you various benefits like:

  1. Easy replacement of your previous tyres and new tyres
  2. Premium material used in manufacturing the tyres
  3. Classy design with significant material strength
  4. Extra pressure bearing capacity

Therefore, it is recommended to use genuine tubeless tyres for Yamaha SZ R made by Steelbird so that you experience the best on the road.

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