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Pattern Size Position Load Index Speed Index Type
Ranger 100/90-17 Rear 55 P TT
Ranger 100/90-17 Rear 55 P TL
Pattern Ranger
Size 100/90-17
Position Rear
Load Index 55
Speed Index P
Type TT
Pattern Ranger
Size 3.00-17
Position Rear
Load Index 50
Speed Index P
Type TT

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Steelbird new Ranger version come with typical directional grooves in order to provide better pace with great grip on wet roads. With a simple groove and meticulous research on the contour of sipe has been implemented to provide a comfortable and sporty feel to the riders. Steelbird new Ranger version tyres comes for bike models like

  1. Platina 100/125
  2. XCD 135
  3. CT 100
  4. Discover 100/DTSi/125

Platina 100/125 is a fuel-efficient and popular among the drivers with better load capacity. Steelbird new Ranger version is manufacturing bajaj Platina tubeless tyres. Tubeless tyres have the advantage of providing a longer run to the vehicle even after encountering with sharp objects. Instead of resulting in flat tyres in a short time as often in tubed tyres, tubeless tyre for Platina by Steelbird provide a high quality of sealants to prevent tyre from turning flat soon and provide longevity to the rides.  Bajaj Platina tyre with grooves and ribs being designed in such a way that it provides a faster pace and better grip on wet surfaces and ensures a comfortable ride to its users. Platina bike tyre produced under Ranger versions provide less rolling resistance which increases fuel efficiency and manufacturers ensured that all specific bajaj Platina tyre size is available to their customers.

Ranger version also produces attractive bajaj alloy wheels to enhance the beauty and feel of tyres. With the variable presence of Platina tyre size, manufacturers ensured that distinctive alloy wheels with high quality are available for all Platina tubeless tyre. Since the alloy wheels are easy to replace, every alloy wheels are manufactured ensuring that it matches with Bajaj Platina 100cc tyre size. 

With great camaraderie with customers, Steelbird ensures that all bajaj Platina rear tyre size any bajaj Platina back tyre size is being made easily available without creating and befuddlement to the customer requiring the same. To know more about other specific features like bajaj Platina tyre pressure, brake types; consult Steelbird customer service.

Ranger model is also available for bike model XCD 135 and Steelbird ensures that all bajaj XCD 135 tyre size is an available and the highest performance with better fuel efficiency and grip is being achieved over wet or muddy surfaces.

Bajaj CT 100 tyre is yet another product from Steelbird under Ranger version tyres. With attractive bajaj ct 100 alloy wheel, Ranger version indeed will give a high-end performance and added beauty in the look of tyres. With new alloy wheels for bajaj ct 100 being produced, it is sure that this product will fillip customers’ attraction. Since the directional simple grooves will indeed enhance the customer rides with a quick pace, Steelbird ensures that the tyres being manufactured matches with every ct 100 tyre size that is being ever required and every ct 100 alloy wheel matches with all bajaj ct 100 rear tyre size variants as well. Steelbird being concerned with the quality and security of bajaj tyres, you can indubitably ensure that every bajaj ct 100 bike tyre size is available at all Steelbird outlets. With not many variants to be considered, Steelbird ensures that every attractive alloy wheel that is being produced is the best one can avail in the market and that they can be easily matched with all bajaj ct 100 tyre size variants. 

Discover 100/DTSi model bikes are one of the most common and highly successful bike in the country and a higher number of customers possessing it. Steelbird ensures that all discover tyre size is being manufactured and made easily available to its customers. Discover tyre size varies with its successor discover 100 tyre size, as well as Bajaj, Discover 125 tyre size. 

Discover ensures that fast and comfortable rides with better efficiency in fuel are being achieved. With its sports version, the Bajaj discover 125 st tyre size should be manufactured with the focus of providing a smooth and comfortable ride at high speed, unlike of discover 125 tyre size of different variants and Steelbird ensured this difference is being met. With great expectations, it has always been trouble finding appropriate discover 125ST tyre size. Steelbird ensures that there should not be any difficulty for customers looking for different bajaj discover tyre size. With the requirement of 2.75”, discover 125cc variant does have a slight difference to its predecessor discover 100 cc tyre size. It is always ensured that the best tyres should be placed to have the best experience, one can indubitably ensure that Steelbird Ranger tyres will provide with the best you require. For further query regarding bajaj discover 100 cc tyre size or its 125cc variants, visit your nearest Steelbird outlet now and also avail special discount on your every purchase.

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CT 100, Discover 100/DTSi/125, Platina 100/125, XCD 135