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Pattern Size Position Load Index Speed Index Type
Revolve 2.75-17 Front 43 P TT
Revolve 2.75-18 Front 43 P TT
Revolve 2.75-17 Front 43 P TL
Revolve 2.75-18 Front 43 P TL
Pattern Revolve
Size 2.75-17
Position Front
Load Index 43
Speed Index P
Type TT
Pattern Revolve
Size 2.75-18
Position Front
Load Index 43
Speed Index P
Type TT

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The Suzuki GS150R Tyre Size is being produced thinking about the adaptability of tyre size. The tyre size manufactured by Steelbird Tyres makes all the required tyre size your bike needs. Suzuki GS150R Rear Tyre Size is adaptable and Steelbird guarantees that it is accessible to meet the client’s prerequisites. To make the most of your best rides yourself, you need to guarantee that the best tyres are there on your Suzuki GS150R. The adaptable design of Suzuki GS 150 tyre size, helps you keep your tyre size intact whether you’re riding on a hot road or a colder one.

The Suzuki GS150R Tyres Tubeless version has been developed after putting a lot of research into it. Finally, Steelbird Tyres have developed the perfect Suzuki GS 150 Tyre size 

The Suzuki GS150R Tubeless Tyres manufactured by Steelbird Tyres give you unmatched performance on:

  1. Wet roads
  2. Slippery roads
  3. Muddy roads
  4. Normal roads
  5. Highways
  6. Broken roads

Suzuki GS150R Tyre size is a certificate compliant product from the house of Steelbird Tyres. Get Suzuki GS150R Tyres from your nearest Steelbird Tyres distributor.

The Suzuki Slingshot is a mid-range fast speed bike that needs the tyres that can handle:

  1. Speed
  2. Balance
  3. Weight

Suzuki Slingshot Tyre size as recommended by the company needs to be such that you don’t face any danger while riding your bike. As we know that a person’s main priority while purchasing tyres is the safety of the rider. So, Steelbird Tyres have given their utmost priority to keep the rider’s safety and protection on top

With the Suzuki Slingshot Tyre size developed by Steelbird Tyres, you get high-class performance on:

  1. Highways
  2. Broken roads
  3. Damaged roads
  4. Wet roads
  5. Gravel roads

These are the special kind of roads on which you can get ultimate riding experience on your Suzuki Slingshot. Experience true riding experience on your Suzuki Slingshot with Steelbird Tyres.

Try the Steelbird Tubeless tyres for your Suzuki Slingshot as they have a higher propensity of going to higher distances even if your bike has 

Avail exclusive offers on every purchase from Steelbird Tyres dealers near you.

Suzuki Zeus 125 Tyre Size is 2.75-18. The company recommends using the tyres of the same dimension on your Suzuki Zeus 125 so that your tyres have the best quality experience on the road.

The Suzuki Zeus 125 Tyre Size manufactured by Steelbird Tyres has been developed after rigorous testing on road and developments in labs. The tyres developed by Steelbird have been thoroughly tested on multiple terrains like:

  1. Damaged roads
  2. Muddy roads
  3. Wet roads
  4. Broken roads
  5. Gravel roads

The testing saw less wearing of tyre as compared to other tyres for the Suzuki Zeus 125 tyre size available in the market. The tyres for Suzuki Zeus have shown various results like:

  1. Higher grip on roads
  2. Emergency brake confidence
  3. Faster turns without slipping
  4. Easy installation process
  5. Less maintenance cost

To get the best Suzuki Zeus 125 tyre size in the market, head over to your nearest Steelbird dealership today.

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