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Pattern Size Position Load Index Speed Index Type
Revolve 2.75-17 Front 43 P TT
Revolve 2.75-18 Front 43 P TT
Revolve 2.75-17 Front 43 P TL
Revolve 2.75-18 Front 43 P TL
Pattern Revolve
Size 2.75-17
Position Front
Load Index 43
Speed Index P
Type TT
Pattern Revolve
Size 2.75-18
Position Front
Load Index 43
Speed Index P
Type TT

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The Karizma Tyre Size developed by Steelbird Tyres is one of the best in the market. Steelbird manufacturers ensured that Karizma R Tyre Size is flexible. You will never be disappointed to know that there is no Karizma tyre size which you cannot find.

The Steelbird Revolve series of tyres manufactured for Karizma R Tyre Size is suitable for:

  1. Cracked roads
  2. Irregular roads
  3. Gravel roads
  4. Broken roads

The Karizma R Tyre size fits well. They give you a lasting grip on the road with the propensity to tread anywhere easily. The Karizma Tyre size is made of optimum dimensions that help you with:

  1. Emergency braking
  2. Sharp turning
  3. High grip on roads

To get your own Karizma R Tyre Size of optimum dimensions, visit your nearest Steelbird Tyre dealers. Avail exclusive offers on every purchase.

The Passion Pro Tyre Size is different for both front and rear tyre. So, if you mistakenly apply different tyre on your Passion Pro tyre, then you might face problems such as alignment issues and more. Sometimes, you might even face serious and fatal mishaps as well.

So, it’s highly recommended to use Passion Pro Tubeless Tyre from Steelbird Tyres that give you:

  1. On spot braking confidence
  2. Sharp turns on edges
  3. High grip on roads

The Passion Pro bike tyre by Steelbird Tyre is made after heavily testing it on roads and labs. The rubber material used in making the Passion Pro tubeless tyre is of the optimum quality that your bike needs to keep you safe.

To get your own Passion Pro tyre, visit your nearest Steelbird Tyre distributor and dealership. You can also get exclusive offers on every purchase.

The tubeless tyre for splendor plus manufactured by Steelbird tyres fit perfectly on Splendor Plus alloy wheels. The Splendor Pro Tyre developed by Steelbird has high durability. The rubber material has been developed after heavily testing it under different extreme conditions so that you don’t stop anywhere.

The tubeless tyre for Splendor plus is specifically made for all-round performance on:

  1. City roads
  2. Village roads
  3. Broken roads
  4. Muddy roads
  5. Slippery roads

The Revolve series of tyres from Steelbird Tyres will make sure that the tyre keeps revolving like its unaffected on improper roads as well. So it makes the Tubeless tyre for Splendor Plus from Steelbird Tyres a must-have on your Splendor Plus alloy wheel.

With Steelbird Tyres, you get excellent performance with the tubeless tyre for Splendor Plus. Avoid mishaps on roads with quality rubber tyres from Steelbird tyres. Get Splendor Plus Alloy wheel tyres from Steelbird Tyres and avail exclusive offers.

The Super Splendor tubeless tyre is in high demand in the market. Steelbird Tyres manufactured the perfect Super Splendor Tyre Size that fits on your original rim easily. The tubeless tyre for Super Splendor gives you high-class performance on:

  1. Dusty roads
  2. Broken roads
  3. Muddy roads
  4. Slippery roads

The Super Splendor tubeless tyre helps you keep the rider and the pillion rider safe by keeping the durability on top. The Hero Honda Super Splendor tyre size is wide. It keeps the rider safe from jerks on improper roads. To get the most out of your tyres, the Tubeless tyre for hero Super Splendor also gives you high mileage. As the tyres are hard to pierce through, so the Hero Honda Super Splendor Tyre Size is something you must own.

The Splendor Pro Tyre by Steelbird Tyres is developed after multiple tests in the lab and on the road. The technology used in developing the perfect material for the tubeless tyre for Splendor Pro is well kept with Steelbird Tyres.

The Tubeless tyre for Splendor Plus fits perfectly well on the Splendor plus Alloy Wheel. Thus, giving you perfect alignment and maintained performance throughout the journey.

The Splendor Pro tyre from the house of Steelbird Tyres will make your Soar Like A Bird on:

  1. Broken roads
  2. Wet roads
  3. Slippery roads
  4. Gravel roads

Mostly, these are the locations on which Splendor Pro tyre can be well tested. Get Splendor Plus alloy wheel perfect size from your nearest Steelbird authorized Dealership and distributor.

The Splendor Bike Tyre developed by Steelbird Tyres gives you high-class performance and durability on different road terrains like:

  1. Muddy roads
  2. Gravel roads
  3. Wet roads

The Splendor tyre can take you on long journeys without giving you any discomfort in riding. One of the problems occurred during riding a bike is that backaches occur due to jerks on the road.

So, this problem is solved by Steelbird Splendor bike Tyre with perfect rim alignment and wheel balance.

Get the Splendor Bike Tyre from your nearest Steelbird dealer and tyres provider and avail exclusive offers on every purchase.

With the Revolve series of tyres from Steelbird focusing on providing high-class performance on multiple terrains, we have come up with:

  1. Heron CD 100 SS tyres
  2. Hero Achiever tyres
  3. Hero Honda CD Dawn Tyre size
  4. Tubeless Tyres for CD Deluxe 

Now providing multiple Hero Honda CD Deluxe tyre size options to give you:

  1. Superior grip on the road
  2. Emergency braking experience
  3. Non-stop performance

So, get your own high performance, power-packed tubeless tyres for CD Deluxe. The Hero Honda CD Deluxe back tyre size is developed under high precision to give you the experience you always need. The Hero Honda CD Deluxe Back tyre Size gives you proper tyre alignment with the front tyre. So, you don’t feel discomfort while riding your bike. Also, note that the Hero Honda CD 100 tyre size is different than the Hero Honda CD Deluxe tyre size. So, you get extremely pleasant performance while riding your bike.

The Hero Glamour tyre size developed by Steelbird Tyres manages to give you:

  1. High-speed control
  2. High grip on road
  3. Emergency braking confidence

The Glamour bike tyre size is suitable for people who want to drive their bikes on:

  1. Muddy roads
  2. Dusty roads
  3. Gravel roads

Sometimes, riding a bike can become unmanageable. Considering the load capacity, Glamour Bike Tyre Size has been manufactured to meet all the needs. Considering the popularity and quality of tyres, Steelbird’s latest Hero Glamour tyre size provides better riding experience in all weather conditions. With research consider the safety and comfort, Hero glamour F1 tubeless tyres are the best to find in the market today. With not much complex groove patterns, Glamour bike tyre size ensures that the customer can have fast and comfortable ride with better load capacity and comfort.

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